12 August 2015

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Anyone who knows me, knows I constantly talk about making myself a website. For years, I’ve been like a cobbler with poor shoes and it’s almost become a running joke (even my Dad’s started to nag me and saying I haven’t had one for ten years - it hasn’t been that long, although it feels like it.)

I’ve had plenty of one page websites, but nothing substantial or anything that does my work justice. I know I’ve lost work for having a poor portfolio and a few weeks after each redesign, I end up feeling embarrassed about my site again.

It’ll probably help if I introduce who I am before going any further; I’m Katherine Cory, a designer and front-end developer from Derby. I’ve been freelance since 2010 and was fortunate enough to be voted one of the top 100 freelancers by the Drum magazine. I used to split my time between freelancing for agencies and client work but I’m slowly focusing my attention on solely working with clients. Not only have I never had a website, I’ve shamefully never had a blog either but I’ve been lucky most of my work has come from word of mouth on Twitter or referrals.

During the last eighteen months, I’ve been building up a solid portfolio of design work and it feels like this is the perfect time to rebrand and reposition myself. I’ve spent two weeks so far and I haven’t made much progress; I can easily say I am the worst client I’ve ever had and I’ve completely forgotten all of my design processes. The pressure of trying to make this the best thing I’ve ever created has sent me into a blind panic.

##An idea!

I was chatting to a friend about my work so far (normally, we catch up every Christmas, my website or lack of website soon becomes a topic of conversation) and trying to explain how I was trying to find the story within my work. I’m very keen to talk about the process from start to finish because although I’m proud of the end product, there’s so many decisions and ideas that help form the final piece of work that go untold. He suggested maybe the story wasn’t with each piece of work but instead this entire branding process.

I absolutely loved this idea and remembered Brad’s Frost Designing in the Open project for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank and as a joke I’d already been hashtagging tweets with #selfbrandingwoes so here I am writing this blog.

##How will this work?

My aim is by blogging this project and documenting my thought process that maybe I can help myself along the way; I hope if I can think enough to write, that I’ll start following my usual design process and make sensible decisions instead of this creative and mental block I’m stuck in. I am nervous though; I think the days of the grand reveal are long over and I have been sharing Dropbox ideas with friends, but designing my brand in the open does make me slightly uncomfortable. I really hope this blog could be an interesting piece of work and any feedback I receive along the way could help the progression of my brand.

I’m not sure how many blog posts I’ll do yet or even how this will work exactly, but I’m keen to try. One thing I am sure of is that I need to be careful that I don’t spend too long on this blog and still don’t have a website in three months time! I’ve set myself the deadline of having a new website online by 7th November, which is my 30th!

Wish me luck…